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The girl was at home. She noticed a mail. From a very good friend. As she opened the notice. She started to smile. For wasn't it just. A .docx file? Of course. She didn't have windows. Nor Office at all. So the message was left unread. Until sometime next fall.





FRIDAY THE 19TH, AT 17:50 PM thats when I will be sitting in the cinnemas just waiting for the commercials to stop playing! Oh I am so excited 😀


A very potter musical

I’m just saying. This is about the most epic musical I have ever watched. Ever. Darren Chris as Harry Potter:

Joey Richter as Ron:

Lauren Lopez as Malfoy:

Joe Walker as Voldemort:


And epicly enough, Joe Mosses as Snape:

Serioulsy though… watch it!



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Squidward: “Move Patrick, I’m claustrophobic”
Patrick: “What’s claustrophobic?”
Spongebob: “It means he’s afraid of Santa”
Patrick: “Ho ho ho”
Spongebob: “Stop it Patrick you’re scaring him!”



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It was always us
You and me
Friends are free
Then we fell apart
And my heart
Broke in two
One for hating
One for loving


Man and woman, man and man

Love is beautiful anyway that it appears. Even though it might seem strange and weird to you, it is still as real for the ones involved, as any love can be. Homophobia is one of the worst kind of discrimination, becouse it is just that. Discriminating someone for the people they love. Love is something that is wonderful and cannot be controlled. So wether people choose to love men or women, it should be respected.

We should love while we can
Man and woman, man and man

New beginings

The start of something new is always exciting, and this blog is no different. I am hoping to make this a project in which I can pour out my hearts desire of creativity. The only way to get any better at anything at all, is to practice. I am not expecting many visitors, but it would be very nice to leave a bit of what’s on your mind in one of the comment fields! The contents of the blog will mainly be different kinds of art. From creative writing to pictures and paintings, to anything else that might come up!

Art as we know, have no boundaries and are, in my opinion, the essence of mankind.